Dust Control - high-performance materials to combat dust, erosion, water usage and mntc issues.
Deicers - full line of granulars and liquids to be used in lieu of aggregates and salts
Fogseals - high performance material, no VOC/ solvent free for chipseal, and asphalt rejuvenation
Crackfill - high-performance cold/hot pour crackfilling material
Cap Overseal - asphalt emulsion for tack coat, primer and over seal
Cold patch pothole repair
Concrete patch
Concrete sealer/purger/rejuvenator

Core Competencies

  • Pavement maintenance products
  • Road deicers
  • Dust control/ soil stabilizers
  • Crackfill/jointfill
  • Fogseal/primer/ tack coat
  • Concrete rejuvenator/sealer/curing accelerator
  • Engineered crumb rubber asphalt additive
  • Any pavement problem is what we solve


SWETX has higher performing, value-added material for all traditional road building and road maintenance materials. Our materials are implemented into the road surface faster, they cure faster, perform longer, and are cost-effective. We have LTL, trucking, and rail capabilities to ship throughout the country. Virtually every product we have is a proprietary, high-performance alternative to traditional mid-grade materials. Soil stabilizers, dust, control, deicers, panel, patch, concrete, patch, etc.

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